When people think about philanthropy, they often think about raising money for charities or volunteering for an organization that supports their local communities. This is all so important, but this is just one branch of philanthropy. There are a multitude of other ways that you can give back and support others; for me, that’s through the discovery, research, and development of space.

I’ve been involved in the space industry for many decades now. I was an early-stage investor in a number of private space ventures. I’ve been named one of the “Top 10 Influential Space Thinkers” for my influence on the commercialization of space. I also received the Space Frontier Foundation’s Founders Award. But one of my most satisfying accomplishments was co-founding the International Space University in 1988.

Located in Strasbourg, France, ISU is dedicated to studying, exploring, and developing space in order to achieve a peaceful, prosperous, and boundless future for all of humanity. People from around the world attend ISU’s international and multidisciplinary graduate studies space programs, where they gain the insight and experience to become the future leaders of the world space community. ISU is constantly improving and expanding their programs and curricula to reflect new advancements and evolutions in space study, which they pass along to their students.

After 30 years, International Space University is still following the vision of its founders. Through their wide selection of programs, which you can learn more about on their website, students are educated on the development of the human species, the preservation of Earth, the rational utilization of the resources of space, as well as the sanctity of life in all its terrestrial and extraterrestrial forms. Not only are these students excited to learn more about the Cosmos, but they are ready and able to apply their knowledge to how to better humanity. 

ISU promotes an environment where culture, philosophy, opinion, training, and lifestyle are all respected and nurtured. Students are free to browse ISU’s courses and programs and can apply online. Financial aid is even available for applicants that can benefit from it. Learn more about this on their admissions page.

I am excited to have had a part in creating this incredible organization. In addition to funding the International Space University’s initiatives, I also offered advice and support to the University’s first two Presidents and was a member of the Board of Directors during its first six years of start-up operations. While I’m interested in the development of space for many reasons, I think it’s critical in resolving the challenges that exist on the planet today. By supporting ISU, I am supporting other space enthusiasts that will all work together to imagine and create a better tomorrow for all of mankind.

If you would also like to support the International Space University and their efforts, you can make a donation online. Not only will your gift make an impact on ISU’s current student body, but any amount will benefit the university’s future students as well. All donations help provide support for teaching resources, student activities, and will also aid in continued research that will have an effect on a global level.