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Interview with Avealto co-founders Walt Anderson and David Chambers discussing the High Altitude Platform technology under development at the company, and how/when it will be deployed to customers.

In Episode Three of the Avealto INSIGHTS Podcast, host Matt Bauer has David Chambers, Avealto Co-founder and CTO, in the INSIGHTS Booth to discuss the technological, political and business evolution of High Altitude Platforms (HAPs).

In Episode Two of the Avealto INSIGHTS Podcast, host Matt Bauer discusses the evolution of the commercial space industry as well as the personal journey of pioneering telecom & space entrepreneur (and Avealto CEO), Walt Anderson.

Episode One of the Avealto INSIGHTS Podcast features Co-founder and CEO Walt Anderson as well as Business Development Chief, Tom Olson taking a deep dive on both the history and technology of the commercial satellite services sector.



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Walter Anderson serves as Founder & CEO of Avealto, a privately held UK-based company whose mission is to fund, build, and operate hundreds of HAPs in order to provide mobile telephony, broadband communications, backhaul, broadcasting, and other hosted payloads for the three billion people who don’t have adequate access to telecom and data networks.


The Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) announced High Altitude Platform (HAP) provider Avealto has joined the association, breaking new ground in APSCC membership.


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